The Business Smart Tools, Innovation in 5 Minutes radio show serves as a touchpoint for the business community where exploring innovation becomes the tool to propel your company forward. Our 5 minutes online is about innovative brands or brands doing innovative business!

Valorie Luther, Host of the Innovation in 5 Minutes Radio Show

Valorie Luther, Founder of Creative Concepts, believes that every day is a chance to practice innovation. From the day she opened up the doors of her business, innovation was necessary to compete and stand out in a crowd of thousands who already successfully provided public relations and marketing services. 2006 marked the year where change, courage and persistence provided a path to offering a service that no one believed in nor understood: social media. This belief in the potential power of online networks also provided the springboard for creating Business Smart Tools (an educational extention of Creative Concepts) which then produced one of the first ever conferences focusing on using social media for business.

Today, social media is no stranger to companies both large and small, but that doesn’t stop Creative Concepts (and Business Smart Tools via our new radio show) from continuing to innovate. “Every moment,” says Valorie Luther, “is a chance to discover something new for our clients, our own business or the followers of Business Smart Tools. Change is good. Evolution is necessary. Innovation drives your business forward.”

Innovation in 5 Minutes, the Business Smart Tools radio show, will be the most powerful and timely investment you could make today for your business.

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