The speakers at this year’s BST conference will be sharing their insights into how social media works within business. To give you a glimpse of what you can expect at the live event (which happens on Tuesday, May 5), here are 3 questions with management consultant and Vloggerheads co-founder Dr. Tom Guarriello, who makes a living by connecting people.

Q: Why should companies be investing their time and effort in social media?

A: Companies should only invest time and effort in social media if they’re interested in what their customers and/or competitors are doing! If not, carry on with business as usual! Joking aside, there is a wealth of information to be gained by following social media conversations, and even more by engaging in them.

Q: What are some ways you have seen companies directly benefit from using social media?

A: Adroit companies are using social media to learn what customers really think about their products and services. This is not always pleasant, but invariably useful. The very best are asking questions, gaining valuable information and having ongoing conversations with customers, after convincing their social media-using followers that they’re seriously interested in listening and not just looking for another channel for broadcasting traditional marketing messages. Social media users can smell the difference and don’t react well if it looks like more of the same.

Q: Tell us about one emerging social media trend that you’re keeping an eye on, and why.

A: Multi-channel communication is the trend to watch. When a company understands the power of social media you see an eagerness to break out of the “is Facebook going to be the winner?” mentality. Instead, those companies look for as many places to engage their customers as there are places for those customers to congregate. In other words, be platform agnostic but communication-centric.

Learn more from Tom Guarriello and the rest of our speakers at the 2009 Business Smart Tools Conference on May 5 — register here!


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