Albert Maruggi

Albert Maruggi

The speakers at this year’s BST conference will be sharing their insights into how social media works within business. To give you a glimpse of what you can expect at the live event (which happens on Tuesday, May 5), here are 3 questions with PR veteran Albert Maruggi, who’s been tackling marketing issues for over 25 years.

Q:  Why should companies be investing their time and effort in social media?

A:  Every time you read about a newspaper cutting back or going under, think, “Who is going to cover my company?”  Every time you see a decline in television viewing, wonder, “What are those former viewers doing?”  Online and mobile devices are where people are going for entertainment, information, discovery, and networking.

Q:  What are some ways you have seen companies directly benefit from using social media?

A:  Small companies now get major national news coverage without writing a single pitch to the media, access to specific high level executives at major corporations, and leads directly from sources like Twitter and blogs.

Q:  Tell us about one emerging social media trend that you’re keeping an eye on, and why.

A:  The world of widgets — for me, that’s an exciting place.  It’s a format where you can allow others to carry your information to places like their blog or Facebook, and this data can be aggregated across the web. It can also be used to pull data from a variety of places that have natural synergies.  In fact, I’d like you to test one out: I use qcwidget on the Marketing Edge podcast.

Learn more from Albert Maruggi and the rest of our speakers at the 2009 Business Smart Tools Conference on May 5 — register here!


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