Now & Later

Twitter is a public instant messaging tool. It happens NOW. And because it doesn’t thread conversations together, or provide them with permanent landing pages, Twitter is a lot like Vegas — what happens on Twitter usually stays on Twitter (unless someone else blogs about it, or searches for it, later).

Blogs are more permanent. They provide one specific URL for each post AND for the comments to that post. This helps people who weren’t “there” catch up long after the conversation is over, and still add comments that may be relevant to the blog’s author.

But this isn’t an “either / or” situation; your business needs both.

Real-time tools like Twitter help you stay up-to-date with what people are talking about NOW. Hopefully, they’re talking positively about you (and you’re talking back). But if they’re expressing discontent, you can use the immediacy of the moment to engage them and help them solve their problems (without having to read about it a week later).

Long-term tools like blogs provide a context to your message, and help potential customers find valuable information about your services (and your ideas) without requiring them to be “there” with you at all times. (They also provide trustworthy SEO juice, compared to the fluctuating search value of tweets on most search engines.)

Learn the value of using both types of tools. Because you want people talking about you NOW, but you also want them to be raving about you LATER.

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