We’re not about to get political here, and tell you what you should think of any proposed federal bailout of the Big 3 American carmakers.  Instead, we’d like to shed light on how one of those companies is using social media to spread the word about their POSITIVES — which is a side of the story that the mainstream media isn’t covering very much these days.

Scott Monty (a May 2009 Business Smart Tools speaker) is currently a one-man social media team employed by Ford.  One of his biggest challenges is overcoming the wave of negativity directed at the auto industry during this time of economic uncertainty.  So Scott has been striving to make sure you, the people, have access to some positive facts about Ford that are otherwise getting lost in the shuffle.

That’s because Scott believes it’s in the public’s best interest to know as many sides of the story as possible. If the mainstream media are tilting in one direction, Ford can utilize Scott to help share another perspective, and make sure the public has access to some balanced facts.

How could YOUR company use social media to help the world learn more about YOUR positives?

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