If your company is using social media to interact with your customers, you presumably want to know what those customers think.  You WANT them to tell you how you’re doing, what they like (and what they don’t), and what they wish you would do more (or less).

But in order to maximize the use of any feedback you receive, you have to be able to ACT on it — and that means knowing WHOM to share that feedback with.

For example, Bigelow Tea is beginning to experiment with the microblogging service Twitter. In addition to driving attention toward some of Bigelow’s blog posts, Twitter has also enabled tea drinkers to let the company know what their favorite flavors are, how and when they drink their favorite teas, and what information (like caffeine and health benefits) they’d like to know more about.

All of which is great to know, but if the right people AT Bigelow don’t find out about this information, it would simply go to waste.

So as your company starts interacting with your customers via social media sites, make sure part of that process includes a gathering and reporting of any useful information to the departments that can actually make use of this information. Without that step, you might have a pleasant conversation, but it won’t lead to an improved experience for your customers or an improved bottom line.


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