One of the benefits your company enjoys with social media is the opportunity to engage directly with your audience / customers / critics / competitors.  But WHO is doing that engaging on YOUR behalf?

Some companies empower their executives to speak their own minds, in their own words (for example, the Bigelow Tea Blog often features posts from Bigelow’s President and other department heads, along with daily information about tea).

Sometimes a company designates specific employees, often within the communications or marketing departments, to become the “official” voice of the company’s social media accounts (check out Frank Eliason, who operates Comcast’s account on Twitter and, in doing so, has become one of company’s trusted public faces).

Whichever choice you make, consistency is the key.  Your customers will enjoy engaging your brand far more when they understand who, exactly, they’re talking to — and they feel even better when they know they’re dealing with a “real person” like themselves, who’s as comfortable talking about company policy as they are discussing football, lunch breaks or rush hour.

Remember: “social” media involves actual people and real conversations.  Don’t be afraid to be real.

(Photo by djfoobarmatt.)


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