If you’ve visited our blog before, you may notice a slight change in our video style: we’re now posting our videos using Viddler instead of YouTube.

Why? To help showcase your options in the world of web video.

Too often, social media novices (and even some businesses) believe the entire online video experience begins and ends with YouTube. Although it’s currently the web’s largest (and most highly-trafficked) web video site, YouTube isn’t the only option available — and, depending on what you’re using web video for, it may not be your best option, either.

There are dozens of similar video sites available online, offering everything from serialized web shows to interactive videoblogs (or vlogs). While none of them can boast a user base comparable to the size of YouTube’s (at least, not yet), each of them has a few notable perks that might be perfect for your business, promotional or communication needs.

Some of these web video distribution sites include:

Blip TV — Home to some of the best serialized content on the web, Blip TV may be the closest thing the internet has to an emerging TV network.

Brightcove — Their self-contained video player is designed for companies who’d like to create their own topic-centered (or brand-centered) channel.

Viddler — Catering to a socially inclined audience, Viddler allows its users to leave notes, links and responses right inside their fellow users’ videos.

Vimeo — One of the easiest and most family-friendly sites, Vimeo also offers viewers the option to download each poster’s original video files, instead of limiting them to Vimeo’s compressed version.

And, for the best in “how to” videos, check out 5min and Sclipo, which are havens for the do-it-yourself (or DIY) set.

(Bonus tip: If you’d like to save time, TubeMogul is a service that allows you to cross-post one video to multiple distribution sites at the click of a mouse — for free!)

NOTE: This doesn’t mean we think you should stop using YouTube. By all means, keep YouTube in your toolbox — their audience size alone is reason enough to include them in any promotional campaign — but take the time to explore some of these other tools as well. That way, you’ll be even better-prepared to share, communicate and promote yourself and your clients!


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  1. Sheila Clover English on September 3, 2008 10:39 pm

    Great post! And I couldn’t agree more!
    Vimeo has great quality. I love Blip, which also syndicates for you!
    I use TubeMogul and am thrilled with the service. I highly recommend them.

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