Facebook ( http://www.facebook.com/ ) – Originally a social network only available to college students, Facebook has since opened its doors to all users, resulting in explosive growth. Facebook’s designers are dedicated to open source code, which allows anyone with a working knowledge of the programming languages used to power Facebook to create applications and widgets that will run within it – essentially, a social programmer’s and marketer’s paradise.

LinkedIn ( http://linkedin.com/ ) – The working professional’s social network, LinkedIn allows coworkers and collaborators to connect with each other online, recommend each other via testimonials, and introduce their colleagues to one another if they don’t already know each other firsthand.

MySpace ( http://myspace.com/ ) – The original trend-setting social network, now owned by FOX/News Corp, perceived privacy and content control issues have caused MySpace to fall out of favor with the more web-savvy Facebook crowd. Recent improvements have returned the site to a more stable, enjoyable atmosphere, but there’s one large reason MySpace will continue to be undeniably relevant regardless of performance issues: their user base is gigantic – it’s perpetually among the top 10 most-frequented websites on the planet. MySpace is also the 2nd largest video hotspot next to YouTube.

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