YouTube ( ) – The best-known and most highly-trafficked web video site in the world, YouTube is a repository for user-generated videos, classic commercials, music videos and pop culture oddities of all stripes. If it’s ever been committed to video, odds are, it’s on YouTube (legally or not).

Blip ( ) – The closest thing the web video world has to an actual “channel,” Blip is home to the web’s budding TV and film moguls. Unlike YouTube, their services are designed for original video creators who intend to produce multiple episodes or videos over a long period of time, rather than arbitrary and unconnected content. Blip’s homepage features a rotating lineup of some of the web’s best original video series, with easy navigation, searchability and subscription options.

Our clients love both of these sites. A good example of creating a video for YouTube where it still conveys the corporate message, go to our client Ruth Ridgeway and learn how she does what does so well! Video here


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