What is a Blog?

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Blog – The standard abbreviation for “web log” (a/k/a a web journal), a blog, is the web version of an op-ed column. Usually written by armchair journalists or hobbyists in their specific field, blogs are the modern equivalent of ‘90s “zines.” Some blogs are intended solely as a creative or informational outlet for the author(s), while others develop higher levels of mass media authority due to the credibility of the author or the fervor of that blog’s fans. Corporate blogs are now becoming a necessary tool to reach out to present and future customers. If done well, the corporate blog provides expert advice as well as providing a forum for interested or concerned customers.

One of our clients at Creative Concepts, Bigelow Tea, has a very successful corporate blog that provides an online platform for the Bigelow family so they can reach their consumer. The blog also provides expert information on tea health studies along with celebrity news, consumer stories and more.

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