We wanted to take the time to define some terms common on the web, particularly in the social media arena. This is the first entry of many.

Social Media – A catch-all term for blogs, audio, video, and any other web content (photography, animation, etc.) that encourages interaction among the creators AND the readers / consumers / users of the content. As opposed to traditional media, which is seen as a one-way monologue delivered from the media publisher to the masses, social media is considered a two-way dialogue where the readers and recipients can have an impact upon both the content and the creator. Some social media relies upon direct action from the viewer / user (such as video mash-ups, audio remixes, etc.), whereas other examples are considered “social” due to their implied invitation to create a conversation among all participants (like blog posts, widgets, etc.).

Because of this interaction, social media becomes a great tool for business where a direct conversation with the consumer can lead to feedback and loyalty all at once.

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