I was speaking with a senior level executive of a fortune 500 company…he is in the middle of developing a breakthrough service/product for his company…they just received $20 million in VC money and he showed me their proposed logos that had gone through all sorts of “test groups.”  He asked for my opinion and I said they looked very Web 2.0ish.  He said, “what is Web 2.0?”

I asked a prominent Sillicon Valley individual to be a part of this conference…to judge the demos…he said that he couldn’t because he wouldn’t be here to test them in person.

Why am I sharing this information?  Because these stories show how much people have to learn about the internet and how much they can learn from the Business Smart Tools Conference.

The BST conference is very Web 2.0 (Wiki definition here).  The conference is about how to harness emerging technology for business…how to use these internet, social networking, web based communication tools in order to reach out to clients (new and old), vendors, the board, and employees.  Improved communication with no layers of corporate talk leads to loyal trusting customers which is great for increasing business and great with crisis management among other things.

And what about the demos?  These are web based tools that can change your day at work whether you live in London, England or London, Ohio.  They aren’t geared for Connecticut only, they are geared for business and no matter where you are, you can check them out…even if you can’t make the conference!

So if you are interested in what Xerox and IBM have to say about social media and internet marketing and if you want to know about trends, advergaming, viral marketing, internet TV, Video and more for your business and if you want to meet and talk with the entrepreneurs of 10 tech startups that are geared for business, then the Business Smart Tools confernece is for you.

May 15, 12-6pm, Stamford, CT, Marriott Hotel, $75 per person

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