Every year a conference should only get better which starts with listening and ends with acting on what you have heard!  Last year after our first conference, I contacted each and every person involved in the Business Smart Tools Conference.  Speakers, demos, press, invitees…I called them all and said, “hey, what did you think?  What did you like?  What would you do differently?”  The answer across the board was it was great!  “Effective networking”, “short and sweet,” “can’t wait for next year” and “oh, could you throw in more examples of what companies are doing with the new technologies and social media.”

We heard everthing.  Networking will continue to be strong, short and sweet stays and more examples of what companies are doing will be the highlight.  Chris Barger, Chief Blogging Officer of IBM and Duane Schulz, VP Corporate Internet Marketing of Xerox will have quite a few lessons to teach us as will the many others who are speaking and educating us at the Business Smart Tools Conference!

Stay tuned for more!


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